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Alert. Be careful the scammers.

Binance alert you that be careful the scammers.

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  • Alert you! Be careful the scammers.
  • NEM and Italy coin exchange site were stolen!
  • Binance alerts you.
  • There's no reason to send coin directly.

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Recently bitcoin is being a hottest issues. The reason ,that why it is being famous, is cryptocurrency could be a future currency. A lot of people are into this market.  As lots of people are investing to this market, there are so many frauds, like scammers.

Actually, there were twice biggest case of stolen tokens in a month. The one of the biggest case was the NEM, which was stolen about 400 million U.S dollars, because of the hacker. The second one was happened in Italy coin exchange site, which was stolen about 200 million U.S. dollars.

Some are point out the security problem about this market. Even though this security problem , still lots of people are into this. Also, there are some alerts from popular coin exchange site to be aware of the scammers. The following sentences are from the Binance.

Alert! Scammers are impersonating official Binance accounts and tweeting to ask for deposits to specific addresses in return for gifts. You will lose your tokens if you do this! Binance will never ask you to send coins directly to any address for any reason.

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