“World’s First Blockchain-Powered Election” Fails to Materialize in Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone’s presidential elections, which were held on March 7, 2018, used traditional technologies for registering and counting the votes, the country’s National Election Commission (NEC) explained on Twitter. Contrary to previous media reports, blockchain technology was not used for any task or process, as the NEC statement clarifies.

Soon after the presidential elections in the West African country, media reported that we had the world’s first use of blockchain in presidential elections. Swiss-based Agora was said to have registered and checked the votes digitally with the help of distributed ledger technology (DLT).

In fact, Agora itself claimed it had developed the technology used in the elections. The vote was anonymous, and blockchain helped to cut costs, according to the report. Agora boasted about the achievement in a blog post titled “Swiss-based Agora powers world’s first ever blockchain elections in Sierra Leone.”

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