WePower (WPR) Listing on Binance will Power Europe

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This week, WePower (WPR) was chosen by Fast Company, as one of the most innovative companies in the energy industry. Fast Company is a leading global business publication focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. This comes as a huge step in showing the potential the network has.

However, the coin is yet to be registered on a huge exchange, but the recent inclusion in the 6th session of the ‘Community coin of the month’ on Binance Exchange may well change that. The token aims at having key technological solutions that facilitate the energy system within Europe and the aid transition towards a clean and sustainable future.

WePower will help energy companies to run green energy project development process much easier and also tap into the global capital flows for their funding.

WePower (WPR) network will offer open green energy financing through a decentralized trading platform. The platform aims at helping energy companies to raise these capital funds and run sustainable green energy project development through a simple, transparent and globally open blockchain that offers solutions to energy problems.


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