Another big listing for TRON(TRX) on OTCBTC exchange

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According to the latest news, OTCBTC will be listing TRON [TRX] on their exchange platform. Justin Sun, the founder of TRON has officially announced on his Twitter account that the trading will be active from 14:00, March 20th.


Ranked 15th in the market, it is priced at $0.0306 and has been increasing by 15.71% from the past 24 hours. TRX hit bottom over the weekend and was priced at $0.020. It currently stands in the top 20 with a huge market capital of $2.01 billion.

Justin Sun also tweeted: “TRON must get listed in different kinds of exchanges including centralized, decentralized and otc exchange to increase our diversity and resilience.”

Andrean, a TRON follower comments rejoicing: “Keep up the great work Justin. Ethereum price dropping because everyone knows TRON moving to their own platform and this will kill Ethereum. Lol!!”

TRON has been trading with fair volumes on Binance, Bit-Z, and Upbit to name a few from the top exchanges. Another big listing added to this is OTCBTC.


OTCBTC exchange is the largest over the counter [OTC] exchange in entire Asia. OTCBTC aims at solving all points of crypto trading and makes sure everybody can participate in the market. They offer low-fee escrow service and a platform to operate between PayPal and Bitcoin. It does not demand the users to maintain any kind of internal balance and employ withdrawal/deposit procedures.


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