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Will Dash’s innovation come true?

On March 11th, Dash team noticed this headline: Dash’s Biggest Innovation Is Just Coming Out on their blog.



On their blog, three recent headlines: DashBoost entering public beta, Dash Watch’s release, and Dash Core now legally owned by the Dash network. These three represent something much more significant than anything currently under development for Dash. Because they represent some of the first fruits of a fully-matured decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), something far more revolutionary.

Ever since the price shot up exponentially, Dash has been presented with the opportunity to grow into its own as a DAO. The next few pieces of the DAO will test just how efficient these things can get: Dash Watch, DashBoost, Dash Core. Rather than Dash being a DAO largely run in practice by a centralized entity, it has now absorbed that entity more fully into its growing decentralized structure.


From the day before this post, price of Dash coin has increased from roughly $485.00 to $530.00.

Dash (known earlier as Darkcoin) is a very popular alternative cryptocurrency with a focus on transaction speed and privacy. Instead of using a single mining algorithm, it relies on X11 – a collection of 11 algorithms which are there to ensure fair distribution of coins between miners.

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