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Coin magazine provides the latest news such as blockchain which is the most important technology of future society, cryptocurrency, DAPP(decentralized applications) and ICO(initial coin offering). We contact directly with a thousand coins listed on the exchange such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, other Altcoins, a hundred ICOs that will be listed and the top 50 exchanges. On this basis, we deliver you the fastest and most accurate news ever. We provide you with the information to help your investment, such as how much each coin is growing, when and where ICOs will be listed and who they plan to partner with, etc.



  1. COIN developer news Providing news about coins that are trading now. We give you information as quick and accurate as possible by directly communicating with each coins’ SNS channels.
  2. ICO developer news Providing news about coins that are in the ICO stage. We notice you the development news and the sales status of ICOs in real-time.
  3. Exchange Listing news Providing the news about when and which coins are listed on exchanges. You can receive listing announcements of the top 50 exchanges in real time.
  4. Daily News Providing daily issues related with coins and ICOs occurring around the world. We serve you the information, such as regulations of each country, trends of cryptocurrency markets and the latest news of technology development.



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We always try to provide better services. Please contact us if you have any improvements about our website. Also, we are waiting for advertising inquiries of various ICOs and Cryptocurrencies.

Do not hesitate to contact us! Thank you.

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